Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I came out to Dubai in the end of December to help the advanced team set up the Victory Challenge Base in preparation for their winter training period here in Jan.

Leaving here may be a bit trickier than planned though..... I gave over my passport to a freight handling agent working for the team to try and sort out an airport security clearance for me in order to help unload the two huge Antonov cargo planes of equipment and boats that have been flown over here. Unfortunately he flew back to the UK before giving my passport back to me! I'm now waiting on DHL to get it back to me before I can leave the country!

The embassy were very helpful and said I could declare it lost and they could issue me another in 10 working days! Mmm tempting but no! I've got to be in Miami on the 4th of Jan.

Hopefully it will arrive shortly or at least I'll find the tracking number to get an eta.

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