Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Fallas in Valencia

For the last two weeks Valencia has been like a war zone. No it is not the Cup teams getting nasty before the big event, it is the locals celebrating the festival of Las Fallas.

During the month of March, Valencia reverberates with explosions. There are huge fireworks displays at 2:00 each afternoon, and most of the night. It is Las Fallas here in Spain at the moment which is a celebration of spring and new beginnings. All over the city the community breaks down into groups to celebrate and build effigies, which are then burnt on the final evening on the 19th of March.

The streets are littered with used bangers and fireworks, and it is quite scary just how many young kids are going about just throwing bangers around. It can make the ride home at night quite interesting!

The 2:00 period is incredible with huge bangs audible over 4 miles out at sea! These Spanish are crazy! - I dread to think what it all costs!

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