Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Moth Build in Valencia

You can just see 4073 between the pile of media stuff and the Swedish Match 40's!

While many would suspect a Moth built within the midst of an America’s Cup would enable you access to an awesome build facility with a whole host of tools, gadgets and people. The reality isn’t quite like that! We are a relatively small team, that is pushed for time, so we don’t have much time for exciting little projects like the Moth. Sure I’ve picked the brains of some smart people in the know, made many useful contacts, but this year’s boat will not see the full benefit.

An America’s Cup base is purely the domain of AC yachts and the associated kit and support vessels that go with them. There isn’t actually much spare space on site for the construction of something even as small as a Moth. So construction of my new Moth is currently taking place under the tarpaulin covers of the Swedish Match 40’s the team used to use for Match racing, and are now in storage amongst a pile of containers behind the base!

The security guards are now very friendly, although they still look baffled by what I’m building! Nice to know you need accreditation to get into the container area that is Moth central!

I sneak into the workshop late at night to do a few key jobs, but 90% of my build so far has operated out of my trailer!

Progress is moving fwd well though. Pictures coming soon….

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