Monday, May 14, 2007

Port AC Mothing

Here are some more photos of my brief sail around Port America's Cup just before leaving Valencia. Officially you are not allowed to sail within the Port, and the speed limit is 3 knots...But in about 5-9 knots of breeze I got one good reach in at 16.3knots!

I did a quick flyby past most of the bases, and a lot of people came out onto their docks to watch.

Congrats to the observant few who spotted the few things I was testing on this boat for the new one. Namely a gantry mod, and a 'cranked boom'. The gantry is just trying to reduce the drag of the gantry in the marginal foiling conditions where the tube style gantry can drag a lot. The boom mod to try and make it easier to control the outhaul without leach tension making it difficult. The gantry advances to version 2, not sure about the boom yet.

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