Sunday, August 12, 2007


The stunts started early on in the foiling phenomenon with Rohan doing 'The Hand Drag' in one of his early videos. Now the tricks are going up in the difficulty ratings! None of which should be tried without logging loads of flying hours, and accepting the potential risks involved!

So we have: (on top of the normal crashes!)
'The Hand Drag'
'Legs Over Cruiser Style'
'Standing Foiling'
'The Head Dip and Flick'
'Stall and Land'
'The Foiling High Five'
'The Diving High Five'
'One Foot Waterski'
'Submarine Gybe'
'Abandon Ship'
'Hanging Under the Tramp'
'The Bottle Grab'

In the pipeline but not yet attempted is:
Pontoon skittles......

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