Saturday, August 25, 2007

Boat Lending

So how do you say thank you to those companies and people who support your sailing. Well hopefully regular reports, and good media coverage with nice photos keeps them happy, but just recently I’ve managed a new little twist on the standard return for support.

I’ve lent out my new Moth for 2 months. Dave Chisholm of who has helped me out a lot this season is currently undertaking flight school and burning off the local windsurf fleet at a small lake near his place in Ipswich.

I’ve known Dave for years, first meeting him during the Sydney Olympics where he was running logistics for the British Olympic Association. Since then our paths have crossed numerous times, and Dave is often on the phone to bounce around ideas on a number of boat projects. I kept telling him he needed a Moth, but he insisted he was a twin trapeze skiff man. That was until I gave him a go in my Moth during the Moth nationals in Weymouth, and the grin hasn’t left his face yet!

The timing was right as I wasn’t using mine for a while whilst overseas at several regattas, and if he broke it I knew he had enough carbon at work to fix it!

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