Sunday, November 18, 2007

Moth News

With the coaching season cooling down (literally!) it is time to catch up with some Mothing. 'The Weapon' has been in the workshop for a few mods, and to tidy up some things that I haven't had a chance to do since the Worlds and Nationals. The 180 swivels are off the kingpost, and controls are onto the wings where they seem neater, and lower profile, and the foredeck has had a slight cosmetic change in a small attempt to further reduce windage, and to play with some styling ideas. The front tank leak was also fixed so I'm almost ready for Garda! Doh!!!.... Only a few months late.

Saturday was a chance to sail against Jason Belben as he was in Weymouth with his son who was doing some Optimist training. Early on it didn't look good with a complete flat calm, but some breeze came in later on (with rain) and we got a good little sail in 10/12knots.

We tested a few things Jason had been playing with recently and then did a boat swap before heading in. After getting over how different our leg lengths are, I settled in to sail a Prowler again, and was taken back by how much bigger a boat it felt compared to my skimpy little hull!

I think that will be the last time I sail in the wetsuit in the UK. Reports of snow around the country today, so Winter is here. Time to play in the workshop until its time to go to Miami in Jan!... (Any Mothies out in Miami yet?)

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