Sunday, December 02, 2007

Mike Cooke Launches New Boat

The latest Aardvark Moth hit the water yesterday. Mike has done a slightly more conventional version of his last boat, with a normal deck and bolt on wingbars.

After a few twists of the tiller to get into the ballpark rudder trim wise, he was soon off foiling across Bristol Corinthian. Standard first sail in a new boat issues such as line lengths and things prevented ideal sail trim, but it ticked all the boxes for the initial sea (lake!)trials.

It is gusting over 50 knots here in Weymouth today, and it doesn't look much better elsewhere around the country, so I doubt Mike has got out again today.
It was good to see 4 boats out on the water though on a cold winter day. Tom Whicher's old modified Axeman is up there now, with newly tweaked wingbars, and its looking good.

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