Thursday, December 27, 2007

Old Piles of Photos

During a recent trip home I collected a huge pile of old photos and its been very funny to sort through them all. Here are a few Moth ish relevant ones:

Doug Culnane and me sailing our Int 14 many years ago! Check out Doug's insulating tape headband!

The 1993 International Moth Worlds. Check out my Magnum 5!

Andy Paterson getting carried away at a dinghy show several years back!

1 comment:

Doug Culnane said...

Great to see the lean mean bean machine again.

The head band was great it never slipped but it was painful to take off.

Have you got any picks of the spinnaker....? I know you have respect and your standing in the sailing community to consider but I do not have that problem so I would post them...

Snowboarding at the moment so got a new top speed on the GPS of 65 kmph which I thought was ok but Kati posted 712 kmph today.

Ho ho ho,