Sunday, January 13, 2008

Mothing in Miami

On our way in yesterday after a long day on the water with the 2.4's I caught up with Brad Funk as he sailed past on his new Bladerider Moth. He was having a few control issues so pulled up alongside. It turns out he'd broken a connection piece in the main foil a few days ago and in making a new one hadn't checked his foil set-up before sailing again. He therefore had a lot of lift, and no ability to turn it off! His wand was about 45deg out, and made for an interesting bowsprit at times! Note to all newbie foilers - remember your pre-flight checks!
I'll try and help him make a new one to get him back out with some control next time.
Feels funny to be in a rib watching a Moth instead of the other way round.

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