Thursday, June 05, 2008


Okay quick update:

Stupidly busy. Should have always predicted as much it is an Olympic and Paralympic year. Doh! Oh well, the 2.4 coaching is going well, and the GBR team as a whole were top nation at our unofficial test event in China. We've got Helena's new boat on the water, and have been getting that up to speed. As a result I've got a fair bit of 2.4 sailing in. Did another open in Poole the other weekend, in which I finished second to Megan Pascoe from our squad.

Moth wise, I've got out a bit in the protoype Velociraptor, so we are happy with the platform, and I know Dave has logged a lot of hours in it. Foil testing has also gone well, and we might have just about cured the ventilation issue...

I collected my new boat from Dave the other week, who'd moulded the prepreg hull, and assembled the foredeck, and wings. I then brought it down to my workshop to finish off, after we had an amazing thunderstorm in the early hours of the morning!

The boat is looking good. Weight is very good, and its very stiff. Aimed to get it done for the nationals, but I've got coaching commitments this week, and it looks like I'll be measuring boats for most of Friday so I won't rush it, I'll get all the nice details right and launch next week.

So the M3v gets back on the water if I can find all the bits! Will be good to catch up with everyone as its looking like a good turnout.

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