Sunday, July 27, 2008

C Class Cat in Weymouth

Team Invictus in Weymouth. Paul Larson, Helena Darvelid, and the guys from Airbus rigged up their C Class cat in Weymouth at the weekend, and took it for a sail with its new ‘Cogito’ style wingsail. It has taken the Invictus team several years to produce a ‘Cogito’ copy wing like many said was the best option to start with, but I think they learnt a lot from the slow and heavy first wing, and full marks to them for getting the new wing completed. They’ve got many little tweaks to do, but it is great to see one of these fantastic boats sailing in the UK again.

I’d forgotten how awesome these boats are. One day I hope to be involved with a full on C Class project. It is perhaps a shame that the Deed of Gift AC this time around was not a multiple challenger event as a ‘Little America’s Cup’ C Class project tagged alongside would have been amazing.

The Canadian and American teams had expressed and interest in travelling with their boats if viable challengers were around so an event in the UK is a possibility. Now that would be an impressive sight.

For a good history on the class visit:


Karl said...

What happened to the 3rd wing element?

Adam said...

Hi Karl, what do you mean? That is a pretty standard 3rd element as far as I could tell.