Saturday, August 02, 2008

Foiling 18’s and new creations

During the Worlds I spoke to Toby Heppell about an article that he’d written on about Thomas Jundt’s foiling skiff that he’d taken down to the Europeans. The fleet didn’t seem to friendly to him, and I asked Toby for Thomas’ email address so I could get in touch and let him know that any Moth sailor I’ve spoken to thinks what he’s doing is great.

I got a nice reply back a few days later:

“Adam, Thanks’ a lot for your message. I admire you the moths, it is fantastic what you do. Of course all the credit for my projects goes to you the moth fleet, I am just copying you - so I am happy to here that you like what we do.”

Here is his latest creation ‘Mirabaud LX’.

Check out the foiling gybe just under 1min in.

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