Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pimp my lowrider

[Adam here - As promised here is an update on the Carbon Footprint project. Blog access is limited in China, so I'll hand over webmaster control to Katherine while I'm away, and let her update you on the latest Moth news from inside my little workshop.]

Pimp My Low Rider

An introduction

Let me introduce you to my lovely purple lowrider. Not as fancy as those flashy foilers but my pride and joy none the less.

Much though I have enjoyed lowriding I have to admit to being a tinsy bit jealous of said flashy foilers, so when Adam offered me a go in ‘The Weapon’ I couldn’t pass it up. I shan’t wax lyrical about it, I’m sure you all remember how good your first time was. Once ashore I tried to reassure my boat that I still loved her but the writing was on the wall, her lowriding days were over. There was only one thing for it, a jigsaw assisted weight loss program and the conversion to a foiler was underway.

The following is my account of her transformation (hopefully) into a fully fledged foiler. It is written in a step by step format so if you should find yourself similarly suffering from foiler envy you just need to find yourself and old lowrider, a saw and a workshop, (obliging boyfriend optional). I am in the fortunate position to have already completed the hardest part of the build, having chosen a name, she is to be called ‘Carbon Footprint’, so here it is the Carbon Footprint Story...

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