Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Windy Weekend

While the Olympic sailing regatta in Qingdao is held in 5/6 knots of breeze, the 2012 venue has been battered by big breeze again. We got a bit unlucky with the Moth Worlds being such a windy week, and the following two weeks were perfect. Well the breeze is back and has been regularly over 30 knots on the wall since Saturday, except for a small window on Monday. Today it is gusting 45 knots.

The 18ft skiffs had their Nationals in Weymouth over Sun,Mon Tues, but only got racing in on Monday. Katherine and I got out for a short sail, and I decided to try and pace the skiffs around the outside of their course. I waited at their windward mark, and followed the fleet down around the outside of their run. I took out one boat on the run, and gained on another. They had depth, I had speed.... Okay they weren't the front runners but this was an 11ft long singlehander with an 8sqm sail up against an 18ft Skiff! I made a big gain while they dropped and sailed through to leeward up the beat. A fraction lower pointing but fast enough that I could easily sail beyond their layline, tack and cross, and round a fair way to windward of their windward mark with quite a lead. I'd caught up with the two boats battling for 4th and 5th, and started to go over the top, but higher. And then a fair bit higher as I tried to get my camera out to take some piccies of a Moth pacing a skiff! I pulled out there, and went to find Katherine and the mighty mini rig.

I think the skiffs were at the bottom end of their 2nd rigs, but I was happy to see the Moth performance being so competitive against them. We continue to get quicker....

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