Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Carbon Footprint Story - Part 5

Katherine's Update:

OK so there has been a bit of a delay, apologies there, but here is the hotly anticipated next edition of Pimp My Low Rider!

She has undergone a bit of work fairing the hull up. Fairing the hull is a great way of learning the importance of not using knees and elbows for climbing back on board after a capsize. Oops, will be more careful in future! Anyway she is now in her working colours of gunship grey undercoat.

So the hull is cut to size and the daggerboard hole filled so it’s time for a a girls favourite activity - accessorising!

First accessory is very exciting - the centreboard case - the moth equivalent of the handbag! Modeled around the centreboard in a carbon and fibreglass sandwich to beef it up. Like all good handbags the centreboard has been made size adjustable - in this case to allow some adjustment in the centreboard angle rather than to fit that extra bargin purchase in. This was done by slitting the case down the middle, angling the top out and applying and extra layer of laminate in this position.

Next accessory on the list is a little carbon insert for the gantry attachment - remember to drill it before sticking it in if you don’t have a fancy round the corner drill.

There we have it; the start of the low rider accessory collection, coming soon SHOES - oh, no, that was meant to be FOREDECK!

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