Monday, December 15, 2008

More Foilers in Foilertown!

This weekend Mike Cooke braved the floods and the cold to come down and join Alex, Helen and myself for a bit of sailing in Weymouth. Saturday was too light for Mothing, so there was plenty of tea drinking, and a bit of light wind Mini40 foiler practice. Although it was light, and not enough wind to foil, Mike's latest creation impressed us all.

It was on Sunday however that it reallly flew! We'd had a good Moth sail in the morning in 15/18 knots of breeze. We joined in the start of the Castle Cove club race and then just did some tuning runs up and down the harbour. After warming up again over more tea, we decided that it had dropped sufficiently for the Mini40 to go for some airtime.

After a few early hops and some crashes that at full scale on Hydroptere would have easily seen them claim best boat crash over Paul Larsen! we started to see some impressive bursts of speed. After a bit of practice there we sustained foiling runs and several foiling gybes. It was good to see the Moth helming instincts coming into play many times to same some crashes that looked pretty terminal.

I'll add more pics later..

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Unknown said...

Yeah! Couldn't believe it actually gibed and everything...