Thursday, June 18, 2009

Horsens 06

Before we drive on up to Denmark again I thought I'd dig out some of my photos from the 06 Worlds. I'm looking forward to going back there.

The first public appearance of the much awaited Bladerider!

Simon, Sam, Burkhard and Russ ponder foil shapes...

Moth chaos

Inside the event tent.

Simon doing his bit for foreign relations (before the last night!) "I'm sorry, I hate it when it does that"

John trying to fix his watch with a hammer?

Simon Payne - World Champion here in 06, and my odds on favourite for the Euros here this year.
PS: Apologies for the lack of blog posts - been a bit of a hectic period. Will try and report back in full after the Europeans. We've had a few Moth opens, a bit of Farr45 and Figaro sailing, a visit from the Queen, Holland regatta, squad camps and a fair bit of Moth sailing.
I'll try to get back on top of my postings soon, so Katherine's mum won't be left wondering if I'm ill or something!

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