Friday, August 28, 2009

UFO's or MLDT?

MLDT? - It is the Moth Light Display Team – an elite International group of light painters!
More photos coming up of what Mothies can get up to late at night in a campsite!

Been busy catching up with life on return from the Gorge. Great event, and happy enough with my result. I finished about where I thought I would given my time sailing and the high powered entry list. I was just behind the top ten bunch but they started better, nailed the shifts better, and just had just a bit of pace on me upwind. I was in a great bunch though with very close racing. Role on Dubai, and Silvaplana, I think the events are just going to be getting better and better. Exciting times in the class.

Congratulations to Bora, he sailed a great series, and was a worthy winner.

I’ve got a lot of photos to upload from the event, foiling tacks, some good crashes, & the boom of doom, to list a few. I’ll try and get through them all soon.

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sick juice.