Monday, November 26, 2007

Browsing through the various Moth blogs the other day I came across a new site set up by Scott Babbage, John & Alex Harris:

On there they had some cool little alloy thimbles for use in controls like the kicker. Certainly neat and light, so I've ordered a few! It would be interesting to compare the friction of the different systems, ie blocks or thimbles, so I might do a little test in the workshop as winter draws in here.

Also while on the site I noticed a link to their news partner, that has sailing news for sailors. is a sailing news aggregation service, automatically scanning the best sailing news websites and providing a summary and links for the latest news from each sailing news website. So I clicked to see what sites they keep an eye on. I was surprised to find my blog on there, so now feel under pressure to actually keep up to date with relevant content!...

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