Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Kiel Day 4

British Mothies take 1,2. In a tough shifty final day in 5-20 knots, Gary and I climbed up the rankings to move passed Sven Kloppenburg to take the top spots. I managed a 3,1,1 to win the series. It was incredibly patchy and shifty, with a lot of lead changing so I was pleased to survive the shifts.
Gary Ireson sailed well to get second, and it was fun to be on the podium with him. A few salutes to the cameras, and a high five to finish got a few laughs from the crowd.

All in all, Kiel week has been quite a success for the Moths. The organisers have invited us back I think, and the German association are thinking about proposing Kiel as a Europeans next year.

So now onto the Worlds. Firstly I’ve got coaching commitments out in Kiel with my 2.4 squad. It is the last event before China so an important one in the programme. I did a few fly-bys passed some of th 2.4’s out training while I sailed in after racing, and now many of them call me the ‘Flying Coach’, which has become my radio call sign this week.

Then it is back home for me for a week of sailing before the Worlds start. I’m happy that I’ve got a few more gears left in the new boat. I haven’t pulled out the MSL13 and 40mm mast yet, they are to be tested against Gary in our evening training sessions here in Kiel. A new boom, spreader prodder unit, and rigging will loose another 1kg from an already light package. A tidy up of the foils and a bit of wet and dry over the hull to improve the 120 grit and one coat of lacque finish that was all I had time for on route to here, should also help!

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