Thursday, June 26, 2008

Evening Training

I could have kept going and going, but I’m not quite sure where in the Baltic I’d have ended up. It was great to just go out for a sail in the new boat. No racing, no marks to go around, just me foiling around in hardly any breeze.

I managed to sneak out this evening for a superb light wind evening sail. I drifted out wondering if this was really a good idea or not, but lifted out in a little puff off the marina wall, and cruised passed some RSX’s at over 15 knots while they were flapping around trying unsuccessfully to get planing. I spotted two F18’s off in the distance and thought they’d make a good target as well. I got to them, gybed around their sterns and found out one of the boats was being sailed by the Sachs brothers who I used to race against in Tornados. They are one of the best in the world in the F18 so it was satifying to then cruise through to leeward off them upwind, and then tack and cross them. I’ve done that to F18’s in 15 knots, but it was cool to do it in 8knots.

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