Saturday, July 05, 2008

Worlds - Almost upon us...

A very quick entry on the eve of the first day. Plenty of breeze forecast so will be interesting to see if we make it out into the 'weather window' our race officer has seen! If we don't get out I get a chilled birthday at home watching the Grand Prix!

Great to see 99 boats here! Plenty of interesting bits of kit to be seen, and some impressive displays of pace in some pre-event tuning.

Katherine could have called the forecast correctly though and modified my old msl10 this morning into a 6.55m^2 - ready for the breeeze! Plenty of small blokes could be seen looking at it later thinking what a good idea it might be for them!

Measurement all done, and feel bad for making most of the fleet redo their sail numbers but sail number sizes and spacings have been in our rules for years, and we've only got a 4 page rule 'book' so it really shouldn't be too hard to get it right. A shake up for all at this event should hopefully mean it is never an issue again. Sorry to all who had to get chopping or moving!

Better dash, early start.

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