Sunday, October 12, 2008

China Paralympics Review in Photos

Arrived in Qingdao in time for the Olympic team celebrations. Above is Shirley Robertson interviewing Bryony Shaw mid party.

We went to the sailing closing ceremony. I'd been given a comedy umbrella hat, and it seemed like a suitable time to wear it.

Check out the huge boom that surrounded the entire sailing area to protect from the potential onset of more green slime!

The Paralympic flame came through Qingdao, and it was an excuse for more fireworks.

Racing was rather close!

The main stadium in Beijing.

Mid closing ceremony.

Flying home, about to land in the 2012 Olympic venue.

Like the Olympic team before us we were flown home in a BA 747 with a Gold nosecone, but this one had Gold wingtips as well because the Paralympic team won more medals than the Olympic team.

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