Friday, December 26, 2008

Exe Sailing Club Boxing Day Race

I took the Moth down to join in the Exe Sailing Club Boxing Day race. It was a pursuit race but with mainly Comet Trios - about 20 of them. I didn't bother with a start at the correct time, I was more interested in just having a sail around. I haven't raced here since my Cadet sailing days many years ago... So I wasn't quite so sure where the sand banks were (Hence taking the old boat!). Fortunately the Trio was no match for the Moth - although close tacking up the bank in marginal foiling conditions they may have had an edge!
With a max of 17.7 knots I might have broken the harbour speed limit of 10k slightly though!
An impressive turnout for the club was that there were four local Olympians in the fleet and the current World Match racing champion. Stevie Morrison and Ben Rhodes - Beijing 49er reps, Richard Sydenham - Sydney 2000 Soling crew, Ian Williams of Team Pindar, and myself. And that doesn't include many of the club legends like Phil Morrison....
Not bad for a Boxing day club fleet!

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