Sunday, February 08, 2009

Carbon Footprint Flies!

Carbon Footprint took to the air today. We had to dust off the snow and ice this morning, but a light breeze was forecast to build during the day for perfect first flight conditions.
As she is in essence a completely new boat we planned on a short shake down sail. I took Envy out as wingman, with video and stills cameras. While I was concerned about foil angles, take off speeds, wand settings, and structural integrity, Katherine's main concern was that we got a photo of her in the air! We had a bit of lowriding first thing, but when Carbon Footprint flew she flew early and high. No adjustments needed, just flying straight away.
I was allowed a quick go, and was quite impressed. This is an old boat, but she feels like a new one. Stiff and responsive, and although we haven't weighed her yet, she feels light lifting off the trolley.
Looking a little different now from her former life as a purple seahugger!

One happy owner!

Magic Wand in action!

"This is Maverick requesting a flyby!"


Karl said...

Reduce, reuse, recycle. Nice work, congratulations and what a great example to set for all those old lowrider hulls collecting dust in garages!

Unknown said...

excellent - looks awesome!

Joe Bousquet said...

Nice job, gives me motivation to try the same with my old Magnum2. On what spacing are the foil-depth indicators?

Simon Payne said...

Fantastic. I see you relocated the bung as well! Very contemporary.
She looks great and I like the wing angle. Please can I have one of those wand stars?

Adam said...

Sorry Simon, the bung position is an original feature. Soon everyone will have a magic wand!

Joe, spacings are at 20cm intervals.