Monday, May 21, 2007

International C Class Catamaran Championship

With my involvement in the big AC over, my attention is firmly on Moth sailing and developments, but I'm drawn to the "Little America's Cup". The naming of the event is a little complex, so I think this event is to be the International C-class Catamaran Challenge (ICCC) allowing the tradition of the "Little Americas Cup" competition to continue after the the trustees of the former C class event, the ICCT, decided to abandon the event in favor of racing with one-design boats.

Racing is in C Class catamarans, 25ft long, 14ft wide, twin trapeze, and with wingsail rigs. They are incredible efficient, and one of the coolest classes of boat on the planet.

Which is why I'm going to be there! It is being held at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club on Lake Ontario. I'm coaching at the 2.4m Worlds the week before on the US side of the lake so thought I'd pop on over afterwards to watch the action. A friend of mine from Tornado days is crewing one of the boats so I'll try and help them out.

Provisional dates are: September 18, 2007 - September 23, 2007

Looks like there will be 4 boats. Cogito the current Cup holder, and class of the field, Alpha the new Canadian boat, Patient Lady VI, and Invictus from the UK with a new wing.

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