Wednesday, July 08, 2015

I'm back!

Hello World! Okay time to get the blog back in action.

So I am fortunate enough to be heavily involved in a fascinating period of hydrofoil development as the 35th AC gathers pace. Smaller boats than last time yes, but seriously cool.

Outside of this there are still many interesting foilborne adventures going on. Small catamaran foiling has taken off with numerous products in the market now.

I regret being so busy in a way because I've been working on a two man foiling cat since before the last AC took flight. Just haven't had a chance to finish it off. The concept hasn't changed since my first sketches, but more on that another time....

In a more traditional vain I dabbled with the A cat. Initially a great boat for evening sea breeze sailing in Valencia, it was upgraded to a foiling package in San Fran. (I'll post pics soon) Although not on par with the Moth yet it has been really interesting following developments in that class.

My most recent project has been somewhere to store all my toys, so I bought a 20ft container and converted it into my own little workshop. Sure I've got access to an old airplane hanger here, but I wanted my own space. Workbench down one side, shelves on the other, A cat in the roof, kayak and Moth wing on the wall, and Moth box on the floor. Oh and solar panels ordered last night to be totally off the grid.