Friday, November 30, 2007

Sailrocket hits 40+ knots!

Congratulations to Paul Larson and his team who only days after another big crash have comeback to log a run at 42.4knot! A well deserved result. I hope they can find the backing to do justice to the whole project having come so far.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Aardvark Launching

Sounds like Mike Cooke should have his new boat finished by the weekend. I'll try to dive up to Bristol to check it out, and grab some bits off him he's made up for me.

Photos coming soon hopefully...

Browsing through the various Moth blogs the other day I came across a new site set up by Scott Babbage, John & Alex Harris:

On there they had some cool little alloy thimbles for use in controls like the kicker. Certainly neat and light, so I've ordered a few! It would be interesting to compare the friction of the different systems, ie blocks or thimbles, so I might do a little test in the workshop as winter draws in here.

Also while on the site I noticed a link to their news partner, that has sailing news for sailors. is a sailing news aggregation service, automatically scanning the best sailing news websites and providing a summary and links for the latest news from each sailing news website. So I clicked to see what sites they keep an eye on. I was surprised to find my blog on there, so now feel under pressure to actually keep up to date with relevant content!...

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Smoothies and Trees

I've just planted a tree via the Innocent Smoothie website and found this interesting link.
It turns out that the government charges VAT on healthy fruit juices and smoothies. Whereas other foods, like biscuits and cakes, remain tax free. Not quite encouraging healthy eating, is it?
There is a petition on the Prime Minister's website to tell the government that they could help more people get to their five a day by removing this daft tax. To sign up go to
That is enough petition signing for me for a while though!

Skandia Team GBR Awards Dinner

Last night the whole of Skandia Team GBR had a gala dinner at the Hampshire Cricket Club Rose Bowl. This is an annual function now to celebrate the success' of the year. It was a good year for the team with 5 Golds and 1 Silver at the Olympic Test event, so there was quite a party.

Jez fanstone did another great video presentation of the prestigious Golden Funnel Award for coaching that we've set up over the past few years. I'll try and get it up onto YouTube soon.

Postponed AC

After the fiasco of the ISAF conference, the 33rd AC then gets postponed amidst a court case and arguments over the protocol for the next event. I feel for all the teams now uncertain of their futures, and all those people it influences.

The DailySail had an interesting article on the whole AC issue, and the possibility of a ‘Deed of Gift’ America’s Cup is a fascinating one. Aside from the facts like 90ft waterline multihulls and 20 nautical mile race courses, what caught my eye was the following paragraph.

“Thus a GGYC(BMW Oracle/Ellison) win in New York means an America's Cup in multihulls presumably within the shortest possible time frame, ie more than 10 months from when the Challenge was delivered. In GGYC's challenge to the SNG (Alinghi / Bertarelli) of 11 July, it states the competition dates as being 4, 6 and 8 July 2008."

Mmmmm, the Moth Worlds in Weymouth starts on the 5th of July. What were the odds on two consecutive Moth Worlds clashing with the America’s Cup?

For the full story check out:

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Moth News

With the coaching season cooling down (literally!) it is time to catch up with some Mothing. 'The Weapon' has been in the workshop for a few mods, and to tidy up some things that I haven't had a chance to do since the Worlds and Nationals. The 180 swivels are off the kingpost, and controls are onto the wings where they seem neater, and lower profile, and the foredeck has had a slight cosmetic change in a small attempt to further reduce windage, and to play with some styling ideas. The front tank leak was also fixed so I'm almost ready for Garda! Doh!!!.... Only a few months late.

Saturday was a chance to sail against Jason Belben as he was in Weymouth with his son who was doing some Optimist training. Early on it didn't look good with a complete flat calm, but some breeze came in later on (with rain) and we got a good little sail in 10/12knots.

We tested a few things Jason had been playing with recently and then did a boat swap before heading in. After getting over how different our leg lengths are, I settled in to sail a Prowler again, and was taken back by how much bigger a boat it felt compared to my skimpy little hull!

I think that will be the last time I sail in the wetsuit in the UK. Reports of snow around the country today, so Winter is here. Time to play in the workshop until its time to go to Miami in Jan!... (Any Mothies out in Miami yet?)

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Cat Petition

Following the recent ISAF decision to drop the Multihull disipline from the 2012 Olympics the catamaran world is already up in arms. There is a petition set up online by the UK Catamaran Racing Association:

"Allow the multihull to compete in the Olympics"

Dropping the fastest class currently in the Games is unlikely to help make the sailing event in Weymouth a spectacle. It is a tricky call though, and I expected a series of petitions by whatever class got kicked out. Everyone has got too settled with the current classes, and it all really needs a bit of a shake up.

Interestingly nobody is complaining about the loss of the Yngling! Surprise surprise! Finally a good decision by ISAF.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Hot of the press.....

The ISAF Council meeting is going on at the moment, and it looks like they have just dropped the Tornado and Yngling as Olympic classes for 2012, and included Womens match racing.....


Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Email Notice.

I've just checked my spam inbox for my Gmail account and found quite a few emails that were not spam. If you have emailed me recently and I've not got back to you please try again.

Broadband Up and Running!

I've finally got my broadband internet connection sorted at home so I can get back up to speed with updating my blog.

I'm currently helping out film a sail and rig tuning DVD for the RYA so long days at the moment, but plenty of Moth news to update on here shortly.