Sunday, May 02, 2010

Early morning sail...

Ouch - up at 4:30am...

Katherine and Carbon Footprint have gone on a little adventure today. They've entered the Sunrise to Sunset charity event that is going on all around the country. (For more info she blogged about it on her site: - thanks to those who have sponsored her!)

I was shore crew today. Having only just got back from a long period away in Valencia, my boat hasn't been put back together yet, and some last minute workshop time was needed to get Katherine's mainfoil and flap attached again, so I was rigger and photographer. And now home for a cup of tea!


Unfortunately not much wind.... Registering about 4 knots for the first three hours sailing, although it looks like is might be building now.
(25 knots forecast for the afternoon - so a shift to a spot of windsurfing might happen!)