Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sailrocket - Going for it again

It is good to see Paul Larson and his team back down in Namibia for another crack at the World Sailing speed record.

Although there was little press about it, several days after Paul raised the 'boat' record last year before going flying, Macquaire Innovations down in Melbourne nudged it up a little more. Up to 48.11k from 47.36!
In Moth related news, Alex Adams has taken some time off work to go down and help out. I'm sure it will be a fascinating period, and I wish the whole team well.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Carbon Footprint Video

Katherine has edited up a video of the build and first flight of Carbon Footprint.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Carbon Footprint Flies!

Carbon Footprint took to the air today. We had to dust off the snow and ice this morning, but a light breeze was forecast to build during the day for perfect first flight conditions.
As she is in essence a completely new boat we planned on a short shake down sail. I took Envy out as wingman, with video and stills cameras. While I was concerned about foil angles, take off speeds, wand settings, and structural integrity, Katherine's main concern was that we got a photo of her in the air! We had a bit of lowriding first thing, but when Carbon Footprint flew she flew early and high. No adjustments needed, just flying straight away.
I was allowed a quick go, and was quite impressed. This is an old boat, but she feels like a new one. Stiff and responsive, and although we haven't weighed her yet, she feels light lifting off the trolley.
Looking a little different now from her former life as a purple seahugger!

One happy owner!

Magic Wand in action!

"This is Maverick requesting a flyby!"