Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Latest Seahorse Issue

Easily the best sailing magazine around - Seahorse has a Bladerider Moth on the front cover, and a little Moth snippet inside: '3.8kg..... the completed structure of the new foiling Moth now being finished by John Ilett for restive former World Champion Simon Payne... who wants his title back come Weymouth 2008'

Now I'm guessing that is the hull weight.. But I had heard Simon was going light on this boat......

My boat is in the workshop at the moment having a little tidy up, and she's shed some weight so I'll do a full weigh before she ventures back out into the wet and cold.

Garda seemed to be an event of control mechanisms, is Weymouth shaping up to be light and boat weight will be important, or will the sea breeze hold true?

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