Friday, January 25, 2008


All is well in Miami. We start racing in the US Mid Winters tomorrow with 5 races a day! It has been busy logging up plenty of hours on the water. We've had plenty of sun, a variety of breezes, some massive rain clouds, and a few dolphins join us on tuning runs. Managed to catch a Miami Heat basketball game the other night as well which was quite a laugh.

It was a chilled day today so I caught up with Iain Percy and Andrew (Bart) Simpson who were launching their new Star. It is an impressive bit of kit. Loads of very neat touches, and a cool Union Jack blended into the Skandia logo. But....

Skandia have changed their corporate logo to Green! Supersticious sailors won't like that!

I tried to look into why sailors don't like Green on their boats, and all I could find was the story that fishing boat skippers will not abide a green plant in the wheelhouse. They say plants seek the earth and that’s not a good characteristic for a seaworthy vessel. Wherever it comes from there will be a few sailors within Skandia Team GBR pondering the colour.......
Update - no sooner had I posted this than Mr Payne came back with the answer: Boats that are green are unlucky because boats that carried explosives in the war were painted green.. So with U boats around it was unlucky to be in one!

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Anonymous said...

Saracen pirates flew a green flag. Therefore green was bad news.