Sunday, June 22, 2008

Kiel Day 2

Okay I shouldn't have mentioned about using up discards! Doh! Broke part of my kingpost today in the first race whilst leading and limped home with no kicker on to get a result. Painful watching the fleet cruise by, and an interesting exercise on how low you can point upwind when you don't have any kicker on!

I sat out the next one to get it all sorted. All repaired now and I live to fight another day.

But all in all it was a good day. Pace is very good in the marginal stuff. I'm first to foil, and can foil for longer. Still plenty of little tweaks to do, but happy to be quick out of the box.

Our first race of the day was actually abandoned in the end because the breeze died completely, but I lead round the top mark being the only one to manage to foil up the beat, with the Skippy 'All the Way May' in second. The Skippy got into the lead on the lowriding reach, and Mark Robinson got me on the second one. (Note to self - get some more peel ply to finish deck grip so I can sit fwd in the light stuff!) But I foiled through to leeward of him on the second beat. Prompting a bit of mainfoil tweaking with the rubber mallet later on!

Gary peaked early again taking a win in the first counting race, and then struggling in the second of the day. Alex Adams decided to try his standard rig again, but still couldn't find speed and control from his boat, so came in to ponder life, the universe, and german sausage.

The Moths have been a big hit here with lots of interest from the organisers and spectator boats, and I heard this evening that although this was meant to be a single invite event, we might be invited back next year.

Whilst we were packing up, and most of the other fleets were sailing home a huge thunderstorm came over, with loads of breeze under it! Almost everything still on the water capsized, and tents ended up in the marina! Ten minutes later it was sunny again!

That'll be Kiel! But its growing on me, now I know it is always like this.

Big breeze forecast for Monday so we might do some sitting around.....

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