Thursday, June 19, 2008

Velociraptor 'Envy'

Finished! New boat all complete and about too be put on the trailer to head off to Kiel. Very happy with it. Definately the best Moth I've had. Dave did a great job getting the primary structure done for me, and its been in my workshop for the last few weeks being finished off. Blowing a gale here for the last two days so looks like I'll be launching straight into the first race of Kiel week. Oh well it will all be good practice and nice to be sailing again. Funny that the Aussies have already sent their boats over here, and I'm about to launch - great prep again! At least this time I've had my test pilot busy on his secret test lake, and Katherine has progressed to pro Moth builder in record time to help me get this far.
Should have good internet access in Kiel so will get up to date with my blogging.

(Lets just hope it doesn't rain like it normally does in Kiel....)

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