Thursday, June 05, 2008


Whilst out in a rib checking out 2.4 sails yesterday I got to see Alex Adams new Moth close up for the first time.

Enough people have seen it now, and it got a DailySail mention recently as well, so I think I can chat about the wingmast. Linton developed this mast for a Merlin Rocket many years ago with my old National 12 helm Kevin Driver. We'd always talked about how it would be interesting to try on the Moth so a few years ago I got hold of one of the masts from Kevin and brought it back down to Linton's. We rigged it up on my Mistress 1, and thought it had potential, but general Moth development takes time and it always got sidelined. Linton got hold of another one ready for testing, but they sat outside the workshop for a while. I found an old photo of us looking at it rigged up for the first time exactly 3 years ago! - Oh my god how time flies!

By winter 06, Alex Adams had taken the most interest in it, and did a few mods to his boat to fit it. We'd talked of it being the 'Garda project' but new foil development came first.
So it was then 2007, and I was out of the loop playing with America's Cup boats in Valencia. Alex and Linton had clearly decided to continue to pursue it, and ideas for Alex's new boat this year evolved around the use of the mast.
Would be great if it does work, I love to see development like this going on but I think there is still a lot of development to do yet.

Also out yesterday was Simon Hiscocks in his Foiling 600. Still battling with set up in it though, and getting slowly drawn towards the Moths...

Oh and Linton's latest foiler - a more of a foiler for the masses was also out yesterday evening. I didn't get any pics of it foiling, and few details are known about it yet so I'll save that for another post if I can find the time.

Three different foilers out in Foilertown in a beautiful 15k breeze and sunshine. [Will surely rain for the Worlds now!]

Paul goodison was also out 'training' with his model Laser, and Helena decided to take him on!

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