Tuesday, July 29, 2008

'Carbon Footprint'

Coming soon: The Carbon Footprint Project.

Can’t afford a new foiler? Got an old lowrider and don’t know what to do with it? Worried about your carbon footprint? Why not cut an old lowrider in half?

Katherine has been on the fast track foiling programme. In Feb this year she’d sailed a Topper a few times, crewed a J24 in the Poole club series, and was a bit of a pro Windsurfer, so she bought a Moth! A month or so in she took it to Bristol and did one race of the two race open there. Then she took it to the Nationals, and finished 22nd out of 34. With my new boat nearing completion the deal was that she could use ‘The Weapon’ in the Worlds if my new one was done. It was a punchy call though with only a few days practice before the Worlds! Unfortunately with the windy conditions all week Katherine was one of many who didn’t manage to finish a race. Although she did get a mini rig built on the morning of the first day in an effort to get racing! Undaunted though she’s a foiler convert now, and so the old lowrider had to be modified….

After a particularly good sail one weekend (she giggled lots saying that bearing away made her tummy go funny!), the jigsaw came out that evening, and work began on the ‘Carbon Footprint’ project.

Full details in coming posts.

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