Saturday, August 23, 2008

Carbon Footprint Story - Part 1

My emotional last moments with my trusty lowrider before the chop.

As every good weight-watcher knows regular weigh ins are a must, especially that all important pre-diet number, suffice it to say, the scales didn’t go high enough.

On with the first job, stripping all bits and bobs and removing her high performance light weight metal wing bars. Liking this bit, no scary no-going-back saw action yet.

OK, the sawing can be put off no longer. Some careful measurement of free board bow and stern, a conservative bit of masking taping and...

Having discovered that cutting things up is strangely satisfying there was no stopping me. Off with the gantry, saw through the bulk heads, jigsaw around the centreboard case and that was it the deck was off.

Wanting to minimise the carbon footprint (and impact on bank balance) of the build the deck will be recycled to be stuck back on at a later date. To this end the extra width and the  fashionable flares were carefully cut away and the centreboard case was removed (less carefully) with a mallet.

So, the end of day 1, in true Bridget Jones style:

Cups of tea so far: 2

Weight: breath in and think light little boat, and the weight is... I could put in something flattering here but I truth I have lost the bit of paper I wrote it down on, will up date you when I find it, at least I can lift her now.

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