Saturday, August 02, 2008

Shed News

With news of a World Championships amongst Moth bloggers, I’ve been having a bit of an update, and catching up on my blog news. Things have been busy here, but I won’t bore you with any more coaching news as that is all I’ll have to talk about next month. Today’s exciting Moth related news is the new shed alongside my workshop. This now means I can put all those useless things like lawnmower, garden tools and the like in my shed, leaving the workshop free for interesting Moth related projects! A slight wood splitting incident when adding the final touches resulted in a last minute Moth related mod to cap the roof joints!

[PS – Mum and Dad I have now sealed all the windows!]

So what is scheduled for the workshop next?
· A full tidy up, with everything getting its own home, and putting up my tool rack on the wall.
· Katherine’s lowrider is being pimped into a modern foiler. We’ll use the hull and a bit of the deck from the original boat, and chop away any unnecessary structure. We are looking good for a weight reduction of around 10kg at the moment, but we’ll post full details here as we go through each stage. It won’t be a quick transformation, but I’d like to post enough info so others could do the same as well if they’d like.
· The ‘Weapon’ will be used to test a few of my more silly ideas.
· ‘Envy’ will be continued to be refined. Playing with foil set-up and tuning. New boom and spreader unit to be added shortly.

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