Thursday, October 16, 2008

Moths go offshore...

Volvo Ocean Race.

It seems to have sneaked up on us, but the 9month or so race is now underway. It is a shame there are only 8 entries, especially when the Vendee Globe race which starts soon has about 30, but it is a great race anyway that I have always followed. This years race is an interesting one for me because I actually know so many people in the race this time. I think I know people on every boat except Delta Lloyd. A lot of the guys I worked with at Victory Challenge are involved, making it tricky to know who to support...

There is an online game running alongside the race, and with about 28,000 entires so far it is proving quite popular!

We have a small moth population in the race at the moment, but I'm sure there are more out there, so get in touch if you are getting addicted to checking your position, and waiting for the next weather update.

Currently we have:
Position: Boat: Helm:
264 Foilborne Adam May
874 Carbon Footprint Offshore Katherine Knight
1368 Road Runner Alex Adams
4975 Pudence Toby Heppell
6340 Tigger Helen Rollinson
17220 Tom Whicher Yachting Inc (Tom spent the night aground!)

Stop press - new entry in at number 822 Upsanddowns Pete Henderson, Lowrider moth sailor from Sydney and Dave in Workbench

and two entries from Dubai - 'Figjam Dubai' and 'The Express'

Mach 2 joined last night - is that Amac out there? He started late but with his pace don't bet against him!

You can still register, you just get put in the back 20% of the fleet. But there are many more legs to go.

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