Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bloody Mary 09 - To go or not to go?

Early this morning I thought I'd made the right call in not heading up for the Bloody Mary, but now I'm not so sure, so I'd better stop checking the webcam and weather reports! Five hours in the car, -5 deg and 5 knots did little to sell it to me. I might sail here though to try out a new wand setting, and then catch up on loads of jobs from the to do list.

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phillippe oligario said...

Hi Adam,

Jonnie and I headed up as spectators and I have to say the guys that went out (Mike Cooke, Gary Ireson, Martin Fear, Simon Proper etc.) were nuts! I was fully wrapped up and it was still freezing.

We've got a short video of Gary pouring hot water on his bow as it was stuck to the trolley with ice!

There were a few patches of foiling going on but we didn't stick it out to the end to see who won. I'm sure the guys will post reports...

Phil Oligario