Monday, January 26, 2009

Carbon Footprint Project - Just Add Water!

Conversion complete - from old school lowrider to modern generation foiler.

We’ll do a full post with pics next weekend when we launch her, but she's all finished now and sat on her trolley ready to be taken for a sail. This weekend was the fit out and rope out stage (Katherine's favourite bit as there is no carbon dust involved!) Thanks to Mike Cooke for the prompt manufacture of a mast foot. The tramps were the last addition - also converted from the original ones!

We were not quite ready in time to get out over the weekend, but we snuck out for a sail with Katherine taking the Weapon for a spin before we hopefully find her a new home. (Open to part exchange offers now on her for good lowrider conversion possibilities...)

I never thought I’d be painting a boat hot magenta pink but Carbon Footprint actaully looks pretty cool, in a pink/white combo. Essential girly extras such as the star for the end of the wand are also complete!


Anonymous said...

Looking good! Hopefully mine will be ready for the new season, I'm just about ready to put the deck on. Maybe I should call mine "Carbon Copy"?


Doug Culnane said...

Look great. Well done guys.

All the best,