Sunday, September 06, 2009

Congratulations Mike and Emma!

Sincere apologies to Grafham open meeting but there was a bigger event on the Moth calender the other week. The wedding of Mike Cooke to Emma Wilkins! Although I've got loads of great Worlds pics that I know many are keen to see, I'm going to jump the queue and publish the wedding pics first.

Mike and Emma wanted a relaxed wedding, and had asked me to do the wedding photos (no pressure then!) Although I'd like them to be able to look through them first (if only to see what the Moth crew got up to once they left!) I was given permission by Mike's Dad Terry to get some out online!

How many brides do you know have entered to the theme tune of Top Gun? - Tom Whicher was almost moved to tears!

The happy couple

Mothies at the ceremony.

The photo of everybody

And me!

James displaying his 'life skill' of Iphone Saxaphone. - It went downhill for James from about here on....

Bubbles on each table... They were to feature later on...

Tom with a cup of tea. Jolly good show! Although he looked just as comfortable with Pimms!

Given the general readership of this blog outside family, I'll stick to mothie related pics.

Tom and James were first onto the dance floor.

Of course Alan couldn't resist a little dance!

The happy couple leave in Emma's wedding present! (She was bouncing around showing everybody the keys more than the ring!)

With the Bride and Groom gone, James becomes DJ...

And the Mothies present hit the dance floor!

With no boats to fly - alternative dance moves were the order of the day.

With a few Top Gun aircraft carrier simulations featuring as well.

James and Tom decided to drink the bubble mix, or rather James did after Tom did a good impression of drinking it.... He was blowing bubbles for the rest of the evening!

Last off the dance floor

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Unknown said...

Seems a world away already! I gather some mothies were drinking from the barrel later on...