Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Foiling Tacks

Two tacking sequences by Bora and Simon during the Slalom racing at the Worlds.


Karl said...

nice shots!

phillippe oligario said...

It's easy to see now that those Mach2s ride so ridiculously high.. I guess you could fluff a tack and still come out foiling from that altitude!

Great pics.

Joe Bousquet said...

The overriding impression I had of all the M2's at the worlds was that they were set up to fly noticeably higher both in lighter and stronger breezes. I have to admit that in one race while sailing downwind on port (with no rights over anybody...) and being lapped by Bora, I was so mesmerized by his height and speed that I lost track of the other boats still sailing upwind. Simon, passing close aboard on starboard, hailed "Hey, Joe!" to drag my attention back to the matter at hand (boats closing at 20+ knots.)

Oh yeah, foiling tacks:

The height of the M2s allow the boats to complete the tacks more readily by not dropping to the surface.

Adam May said...

Joe, that was me you nearly ran down as you watched Bora!

Karl said...

I don't see why a Mach 2 should fundamentally fly any higher than any other boat, apart from having a longer rudder (the mainfoil struts are of a similar length to other boats). It should be possible to set any boat up at that height as long as the rudder does not ventilate.

Joe Bousquet said...

Adam, of course it was you. Simon would have thrown in a "Bloody Yank" comment while you only mumbled it under your breath. At any rate, a great photo sequence. What kind of camera do you have that takes such shots in quick succession?

Graham Simmonds said...

Karl you are right all boats can set to ride at at any height. What is critical here is that the M2 is able to maintain that height within a much tighter +/- error margin than most other boats. Therefore less likelyhood that it will jump out of the water when riding high.

You really do have to take your hat off to AMAC. He has really raised the bar in foil design.

Anja said...

Really nice pictures!

I just uploaded a video that shows the same tack from Simon (looks like I missed the one from Bora).
It looks quite different, because I was sitting much closer to the water, downhill.
The next videos will be about foiling tacks and gybes at the slalom (two parts). Some kind of "learners edition", it shows the same scene two times, original speed and 50% slower.

Karl said...

Graham that sounds reasonable though I will have to take a close look at the control system as I think that may have more to do with the tight altitude control than the foil per se. Perhaps the flap size has something to do with it though any of the mainfoils seem to shed lift quickly if given enough flap up at the proper altitude (or should I say depth?).