Thursday, August 12, 2010


Updated: It is a little weird logging onto a webcam and seeing your car and boat in another country! Katherine called to say she'd made it to Silvaplana okay, so I did a quick check of the webcam, and I see the car and trailer!
I hope the weather clears up okay, and wish everybody a great event.


Unfortunately due to TEAMORIGIN commitments I shall be unable to attend the Europeans. I'm at an interesting time in a new team, with growing responsibilities, so it would be silly for me to miss up on opportunities as they arise.

A great shame as I was looking forward to going back out to Silvaplana, especially with such a good reception to the wing. So we'll have to wait for another time to unveil it in competition.

I've done a brief bit more testing. Lining up against Nathan the other day. I had height upwind, he had pace downwind. I came away with a long list of improvements in my head, pleased with the potential I know it has.

Katherine is still going out to the Euros, and will now be taking my Mach 2 which she has been getting a sneaky bit of practice in this week. (and I'm not sure if I'll be able to get it back off her!) With me not now able to help with the drive we are looking for help from the Moth fleet. She can drive out with Nathan, but needs a possible lift back, and car to tow a trailer? Or she'll be driving out and back on her own.

Any UK mothies able to help out?

A go with the wing open to best offer!

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