Friday, April 18, 2008

Moths in Hyeres

In vague Moth news Mark Robinson, and Gary Ireson are both out here in Hyeres.

Had an unofficial Moth class executive meeting today as I caught up with Mark Robinson, while Gary was in trouble with the French Police! He wasn't able to chat up some young policewoman this time like his speeding down to Poole incident, instead it was two very grumpy Frenchmen!

He''d set up his Zhik trailer on the main road in Hyeres marina, and the local shops had complained that he was selling kit from it! Displaying of his passport, taking down of details, and a prompt removal of the trailer later all seemed okay, although I haven't seem him again since.....
He's in serious training though. His Moth is out here with him, after his Palma training camp, and I caught him out running this morning! He spied me drinking tea as he ran past the British base camp!

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