Friday, April 18, 2008

New Top Speed

Okay so I haven't beaten my top Moth speed, but I have managed a new personal best in a 2.4m. Surfing in big waves yesterday I managed to get to 11.4 knots! which was pretty good considering the hull speed of a 2.4m is 3.8knots!

We are sure Helena got up to nearer 15k when she got surfing towards Richard Langdon who was doing a photo shoot, and she got caught in his rib wake as well, and had a near miss with the outboard. It is a great video! Surely to appear on a Volvo Sailing podcast soon.

My view from onboard.

Helena Lucas mid surf, digging a big hole in the water.

Launching off a wave!


Anonymous said...

Amazing photos!!!

I'm an Italian 2.4 sailor an I would like to know if I can use this photos for an article to be published in my italian blog.

Adam May said...

Hi there Sergio, yes you can use those photos. No problem.

Anonymous said...

Tank's :-)