Sunday, August 01, 2010

The Eagle has landed...

A wing, on a Moth - you've got to be mad? Well quite possibly... But I've always wanted to do one, so here it is...

Will do a full blog post tomorrow, but all went well for sea trials. Doing a nice quiet launch in Weymouth the week before the biggest regatta of the year here wasn't going to happen, so it was with quite a crowd gathered that I finally launched.

Upwind felt really good, downwind needs some tuning, but all good for a shake down sail.

Full update shortly - got to pack now for Cowes week with TeamOrigin and the 1851 Cup.

Special thanks to Katherine for wing skinning today, helping with the launch and taking photos!


Eelco Boers said...

Very, very, very, very cool!

Phil Stevenson said...

Well done Adam.
I was planning something simpler.
Have you capsized it yet?
And how will you measure it? (This has been a private debate between Adam and I for several years)

K said...

way cooler than the foiling opti project last year. Well done Adam.

Jon said...

Adam, that is awesome.

How is the wing for weight compared to a normal cst/ka rig?

Also, is it a multi-element setup to allow easier storage?

Doug Culnane said...

Very very cool Adam. I hope we get to see it at the Euros?

No doubt some with try to ban it after the Euros so I hope you get it sorted and show it's potential before the knee jerk reaction kicks in.

Very hungry for more info like weight, cost, how you transport it etc?

All the best,


Martin said...

Beautiful! Is it heavy? Have you crashed yet? Is it fragile?
Questions, questions, questions... but it looks awesome. Nice job Adam

Anonymous said...

What's the weight difference compared to standard rig?

What's the power differential?


Anonymous said...

Awesome. Love it. Hope it goes like the clappers! I've always wondered but never had the guts/time/money/smarts/inclination to give a wing sail a go. Good luck with the tunig. Please keep us posted - we are all watching with great interest.


Koos said...

Great stuff! Hope you win with it at the Euros. Can't wait to see it live (and started dreaming about building one myslef over winter ;)

Jenny said...